Radio and Wireless

Today communication precedes a new business adjective : Zener Marine – Wireless Division

Be it on land, sea or air, Zener marine Radio & Wireless Div. has made a difference in every field of 2 way radio communication. We are proud to be the largest supplier of radio & wireless equipments for various brands in Middle East and Africa for over 30 years.

The distinction of being the largest supplier of wireless equipments is our after sales support. Our “State of the Art” service centre is equipped with the latest test equipments, factory trained engineers specialized in providing economical technical solutions, supply & installations, programming and repair of 2 way communication equipments. All this compliments our group statement ‘we service what we sell’ and is the backbone of our fully satisfied clientele.

We enjoy a large market share for the products as we hold huge stock and offer highly competitive price and speedy logistic support.

We cater to the needs of our valued clients through the following Brands/Products:


Vertex Standard (Arabic / English)

Standard Horizon






David Clark




  • Portables
  • Conventional Portables
  • Trunking Portables
  • P25 Portables
  • ATEX Explosion Proof Portables
    • Mobiles
  • Conventional Mobiles
  • Trunking Mobiles
  • P25 Mobiles
  • ATEX Explosion Proof Mobiles
  • Base Station Console
  • HF Radio
  • Repeaters
    • Portables
  • Submersible
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Floating Radio
  • Floating radio with GPS
    • Mobiles
  • VHF
  • VHF with Loud Hailer
  • VHF with Loud Hailer & Fish Finder
    • HF Transceivers/Amplifiers
    • Receivers
    • Rotators
    • VHF/UHF Handhelds
    • VHF/UHF Mobiles
    • WIRES Internet Linking
    • Airband & Dipole Antennas
    • VHF/UHF – fixed & mobile antennas HF
    • Wired & Discone Antennas
    • Receiving Antennas
    • Mounting Assemblies
    • Cables, Connectors & Poles
    • Duplexes & Triplexes
    • Surge Protectors
    • Speakers
    • Switches & Splitters/Combinations
    • Dummy Loads & Filters
    • Power Supplies
    • SWR/Power Meters
    • Tuners & Earphones
    • Headphones
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