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Security, Surveillance & Access Control

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In a world where threats are growing the need for cohesive security solutions are increasing to protect people, property, and places. Partner with ZENER to benefit from our expertise to ensure that your security strategy is scalable and built with best-of-breed products from leading industry vendors.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV Surveillance Systems are one of the most powerful security tools that a business can own and with the technology available today, this essential tool can protect people, property and information in any type of location large or small, from a single office to an entire city. Our knowledge and dedication in the design, installation, service and maintenance of professional CCTV Surveillance Systems, coupled with a firm goal to exceed our clients’ expectations is what sets us apart from our competitors. By having a proactive approach to our clients’ requirements, we are able to overcome most site restrictions and offer a high performance, feature rich CCTV Surveillance Systems at a cost effective price, whilst never losing sight of the fact that the design of a system must be solution based rather than technology lead. Whether you require HD CCTV, Hybrid CCTV, Remote CCTV Monitoring or CCTV Analytics, we will design a full CCTV Surveillance Systems to suit your needs.


Access Control


We understand how necessary access control is to maintaining the security of your property. We offer state-of-the-art access control systems and components including gates, turnstiles, keypad systems, biometrics readers, and traditional card access. Which system you choose depends on the purpose and on your unique safety requirements.

Intercom and Paging Systems

Today’s intercom and paging solutions extend far beyond routine announcements; they make schools, workplaces, and public areas more efficient, and increase safety and security. Solutions range from standard public announcement and two-way intercom service to door and entry control, lock-down systems, surveillance monitoring, alert and evacuation, mass notification, event logging, and so much more. These highly advanced systems can even be configured to send automated messages to first responders in the event of an emergency. Whether you require a streamlined or fully integrated intercom and paging system, our solutions are easy to use, highly reliable, and offer the ultimate in sophistication and control.


Intrusion Alarm Systems


They protect the employees and assets of your operation from burglars, vandals and intruders. Internally, they assist you in loss prevention and through integration help ensure the integrity of your access control system. Comprehensive and scalable, intrusion alarm systems are comprised of strategically placed devices such as window and door sensors, internal infrared motion detectors, and glass break sensors. Proven deterrents against vandals and thieves, they can greatly reduce the risk of loss of equipment, time, and money. Take your security to the next level with professional monitoring. ZENER can provide 24/7 monitoring services whereby you are immediately put on notice of a problem and the proper authorities are contacted in case of a security breach.

Perimeter Security Solutions

Perimeter Security provides proactive detection measures that thwart entry by unauthorized individuals before they are able to gain entry and inflict damage on your property, business, or employees. Our professional engineers design perimeter intrusion detection solutions that operate in day and night lighting, poor visibility, and a variety of hazardous environmental conditions. Systems alert on real breaches, minimizing false intrusion detection triggers. The latest in security research and development including fiber optics and infrared technology provides a secured perimeter in all areas and in any condition.


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