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Audio, video & Control Systems

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Innovative audiovisual solutions that bring imagination to life. Designing audio, video and show control systems for attractions, integrated spaces, and destinations. We strive to understand your desires, needs, and vision and partner to guide the process from concept to completion.

With unmatched experience and outstanding technological know-how, we have remained a market leader for over 4 decades, continuously evolving our pioneering solutions and deploying them across markets as diverse as hospitality, education, government, corporate, retail, entertainment and more.

The AV world is sprawling, and keeping up with it is a full-time job requiring many hours of training, certifications and continuing education, our entire lineup is primed and ready to make your AV dreams a reality.

Professional Sound Systems


The art of high quality, crystal clear sound – everything else is just noise. We design and engineer solutions that cover a variety of situations including educational, governmental, religious, restaurant, retail, sports, entertainment, and transit facilities regardless of the size of the space or crowd. ZENER begins the project development process by carefully listening to the needs of our clients and responding with solutions best suited to your space. The result is outstanding sound quality, superior product reliability, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and ease-of-operation even in the most demanding environments.

Digital Communications & Media Video Walls

Digital Communications & Media Video Walls

The right content, at the right time, in the right place. ZENER is an innovator in the digital communications space, bringing brand awareness campaigns to life across multiple sectors and touch points. From entertainment, arts and education to travel and enterprise, we take our client’s content and provide the best possible digital display platforms for its delivery. Partner with ZENER to deliver on the promise of digital communications, creating high quality outputs whatever the digital delivery system.




Broadcasting today continues to be a core strategy for reaching a wide audience on a more personal level. The move towards greater content generation by all types of businesses means that broadcasting and studio level production will only become more crucial to being able to compete in our media-centric world. ZENER can provide you with the equipment and expertise you need to make your voice heard. Capture, create, distribute. High quality broadcast and production solutions that will bring your content to life.


ZENER enables business leaders, educators and individuals to connect and collaborate using the most advanced technologies available today. Now that enhancements in product development and network infrastructure have made audio/video-conferencing more reliable and more affordable, our certified integration teams can install customized solutions in nearly any environment. From corporate boardrooms to remote personal devices, ZENER’s installations provide a reliable, connected work environment that improves meeting and collaboration form and function. Connect anytime, anywhere, anyplace with high quality conferencing solutions that are so good you won't believe you're not face-to-face.


Digital Signage and Digital Display Solutions


Digital signage can be found in both public and private environments including corporations, educational facilities, entertainment complexes, retail, healthcare, government, airports, and a variety of other facilities. Digital signage is an effective tool that attracts viewers’ attention by communicating targeted messages that inform, educate, and influence purchasing decisions. As a professional digital signage system integrator, we offer a wide variety of options including high definition digital displays, projection systems, interactive digital wall display systems, interactive videos walls, touch screen displays, digital media players, control systems, and high quality sound equipment. The result is a well-designed digital display solution that not only looks great, but also sounds great, and is easy to operate and manage.

Public Address Systems

PA systems are critical to interface with your employees and get the attention of customers or visitors. We’ve handled installations for a variety of purposes, including for announcements, emergencies, two-way communication, and much more. Trust us to help you build out your solution from the ground up, or upgrade an existing system with the same technology.


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