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Landscaping Services

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Our working policy is based on a thirty nine years tradition of quality product, customer service and attention to detail. We insist on high standards for all products used on our projects.

We want to pass to our customers a landscape area that adds natural beauty and value to your surroundings.

At Zener Landscaping, we believe in a professional approach to our gardens from concept of design to completion of project, which includes our responsibility to conserve energy. We acknowledge your investment and are dedicated to achieving a harmonious and cost effective landscape.

Our Services

Landscape Design

For any efficiently executed project the design phase is critical. We work with you the customer to understand what your requirements are so we can mold a design which matches. Our designers can propose solution to any design issues and we can use our experience to help you decide what best suits your landscape area whether it is a Commercial or Residential.

Soft Scaping

The plants, grass and trees are the soul of any garden. Whether your requirement is a tropical paradise or your preference is a desert type arrangement we have a solution for you. Our design team working closely with our horticulturist will choose the plants that best suit each area of the garden to maximize growth and colour.

Hard Scaping

If the Soft Landscaping is the soul then the Hard Landscaping is the heart of any project. This is where the functilanality of your landscaping project lies. Whether it is an access area, seating area or play area, this aspect has a functional and visual role to play. The Hard landscape should be an extension of your home or work place flowing seamlessly, from indoor to outdoor. We offer many type of hard landscaping materials and systems from imported stones, granites or marbles to UAE produced paving, pebbles or tiles, to beautifully moulded stamped concrete finishings. We work with you to select your style.


Using only the best equipment in our irrigation project , we ensure the most efficient and cost effective system will be installed every time. Using the valuable knowledge of our irrigation engineers and designers, we develop an irrigation system that works efficiently to maximize the growth and minimizes water wastage. We live in a very dry environment. It is our duty to use our precious resources with the utmost respect so our future generation can also enjoy nature’s gift.

Wooden Works

Zener Landscaping insist on using only the most suitable wood species that can maintain beauty over an extended time. We can design and build any wooden structure incl. gazebos, pergolas, deckings, bridges to give that finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Lighting and Electrical Works

With the guidance of thirty nine years of electrical experience of our parent company we can propose lights and electrical design that gives that stunning night time glow to your garden. Working with you the customer we will select mood lighting and illuminates that both lighting and gives function to your living space.

Swimming Pool & Water Features

Any landscape space is immediately transformed with the addition of waterscape. Whether it’s a beautiful designed Pool or a cleverely placed water feature, this adds style and gives natural cooling to an otherwise dry and hot climate. Using the best in branded products, we insure the efficient operation of the system.


Zener Landscaping prides itself on our experienced maintenance team. Good maintenance is the essential aspect of our industry which allows any garden reach its full potential. We appreciate the investment our customer have made with any landscaping project and understand this investment should be protected and nurtured. We offer both indoor and outdoor plant maintenance

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