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IT Management

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Zener IT Solutions and Systems is a leading consulting and solution provider firm with offices in the Middle East. IT Solutions and Systems division provides a comprehensive service covering all areas of Information Technology, combining the proven track record and expertise that enable our clients - governments, international agencies, banking, insurance, retail, IT/ITES, BPO, Telecom, Manufacturing and many others - to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.


Enterprise Resource Planning systems. To streamline any business. We can integrate processes and workflows to maximise productivity and profitabilty. We have a number of solutions that will help your business reach it full potential.

Print Management Systems

Reduce cost and waste by implementing a print management system. Control who prints what and where as well as quotas and detailed reporting on printing overhead, department by department. Secure particular documents and flag others.

Auditing Systems

Auditing can be a massive task tying up you IT-Administrators for weeks or even months at a time. Imagine streamlining this process with the help of one of our solutions, feeing up your resources to where you need them the most.


Worried about the up and coming data migration. Ever imagine doing a migration with zero down time?. We can help structure, implement and process your data migration with the help of some trusted and industry proven software solutions.


We have it covered. From network penetration software to in-house policies and restrictions. We can help secure your mobile App's and your network integrity with a host of different solutions that have proven their worth.

Recovery/backup Management

Plan for the worst and hope for the best. We have a host of tools and solutions to help you plan a recovery and backup infrastructure that works for your environment. We try to engineer a solution which fits your budget and requirements.

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