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IT Services

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Zener IT Solutions and Systems is a leading consulting and solution provider firm with offices in the Middle East. IT Solutions and Systems division provides a comprehensive service covering all areas of Information Technology, combining the proven track record and expertise that enables our clients; governments, international agencies, banking, insurance, retail, IT/ITES, BPO, Telecom, Manufacturing and many others.

Solutions & Services


With the power of IoT a new world has opened up. You can now get real-time data, cloud computing and AI to analyse data in real-time. Giving you instant access to the health of your assets. This leads to predictive maintenance which will dramatically lower downtime if not eliminate it altogether..

Energy Management

ake control of your commercial building indoor environments, proactively eliminating hot and cold spots before they occur, improving air quality and saving energy, regardless of which heating or cooling systems you have. Gain multi-site, zone-specific and equipment-specific monitoring and control. Not to mention saving up to 50% in energy costs.

I.T Security

Have you accessed your vulnerabilities?. Do you know who does what on your network?. We have a wide range of tools to support you in creating a secure and safe IT environment. You can choose from a range of auditing tools and reporting mechanisms which will lower cost and increase productivity.

Business Management Solutions

In Zener IT Systems we can help streamline your IT processes. So much time and money can be lost by not availing of and installing the correct systems for your work force. We can advise on time management, ERP, Print management and a whole host of other solutions that will fit your business model, increase productivity and add second to none reporting tools.

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